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Vernon County Snowmobile Alliance

 Vernon County Trail Hotline

 (608) 637-5481 

Vernon County Trial Conditions

Chaseburg Snowtrailers -


Coulee Track & Trail -


Hillsboro Trailblazers-


                 Kickapoo Valley Riders-


MT.Tabor Moonlight Riders-


Ocooch Trail Riders-


Viroqua Ridge Runners 


Updated 2/27/2023

Notice:Proceed with caution on all trails. Some sections have not been groomed yet. Stay to the right side of the trail. 

Trail Information for Surrounding Counties

 La Crosse County - (608) 780-4500

(website) (facebook)

Monroe County - (608) 769-7681

(website) (facebook)

Sauk County - (608) 985-4766

(website) (facebook)

 Juneau County - (608) 562-5737


 Richland County - (608) 647-6148

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Crawford County - (608) 326-0270

A Great Snowmobile Riding Experience Awaits You........

    ...... in beautiful Vernon County, Wisconsin! 

A combination of rugged terrain, a diverse landscape of forest and open lands, narrow ridges, steep valleys, and incredible scenic vistas make Vernon County, located in the driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin, a perfect place for your next great snowmobile trail riding experience.  

   Vernon County is blessed with seven great snowmobile clubs with volunteer members who work tirelessly to maintain and improve over 250 miles of trail covering most areas of the county. It is these clubs, and these volunteers who make the trails possible. We urge each and every rider to please join a local club. Without these clubs and these volunteers, there would be not be a trail system to ride.    

   Nearly all of the trails run through private property. The Vernon County Snowmobile Alliance sincerely thanks the landowners who grant permission year after year to allow trails to run through their properties. Your continued support is crucial to the long-term survival of the trail system in Vernon County.   

Click Here to Download/Print a Vernon County Snowmobile Trail Map (pdf)

         To Join A Club, Please Contact One of the Following Individuals in Your Area Today!



Chaseburg Snowtrailers

(website) (facebook)

Eric Ostrem (608) 780-0452

Coulee Track & Trail


Gary Gilbeck (608) 452-3354

Hillsboro Trailblazers


Tom Jindrick (608) 489-4455

Kickapoo Valley Riders


Zack Biermann (608) 606-9356

Mt. Tabor Moonlight Riders


 Rob Jackson (608) 489-3179

Ocooch Trail Riders

(website) (facebook)

Gary Erlandson (608) 627-1923

Viroqua Ridgerunners


 Derek Schroeder (608) 606-1673